Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holidays, and losing a friend.

Wow, have I been busy! The holidays are such a crazy time, I am definitely ready for a little break. Over thanksgiving Erik and I went mountain biking in Fruita, CO and Moab, Utah, then flew to PA to visit his parents.

Christmas has been an exciting affair. I flew out to Santa Barbara for two weeks to visit with family and be generally overwhelmed by rich food, drink, and social interaction. Now I am back in Boulder and am pretty much wiped out. I pick up Erik at the airport today and am very excited to see him. However our happy reunion comes with a veil of sadness. Our first pet, Ping pong, has passed away. :(

Ping pong was a Chinese dwarf hamster that I purchased over a year ago when I was feeling very isolated and lonely out here in Colorado. She helped me through some rough times, and while she was small, she was a great comfort. She loved her yogies and running on her wheel. I had trained her to crawl into my hand, but if I wasn't holding a treat she would generally bite me. While i was training her to come to my hand, she was training me to have a treat! She was the best hamster anyone could want. Her quirky personality and would always shine through. Adorable. She had a good long life for her species, and was very well loved. She will definitely be missed.

You will always be loved and remembered.

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