Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Less is more when it comes to healthy eating!

Erik and I have decided to begin phasing out most animal products from our diets. In this day and age I believe it is just a healthier choice. We are starting with red meat and cheese. Soon we will hopefully be able to give up chicken and eat only fish for a while. I think the toughest thing to give up for me will be yogurt. I would be okay with a diet that included organic yogurt and fish even though they are still animal products, we will just have to see. Phasing out milk in my coffee will also be tough. I am going to try rice and almond milk and see what flavor/texture works best with coffee. I have found some great blogs for vegan lunches, which i believe is the hardest meal to plan for as it has to be portable. This is a great one http://veganlunchbox.blogspot.com/. Wish us luck!

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