Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First snow in Boulder! Whaaaat?!

It is my day off today so I thought I would catch up on some blogging. This last weekend we had some crazy weather here in Boulder. I woke up on Saturday morning and was greeted with this view from my balcony:

Winter wonderland!

Quite the snowy site! This much snow in early October? What is the world coming to? I was expecting snow from the weather report, but not quite so much! I have been riding my bike to work as I live extremely close, but today with all the snow I decided to walk. Here are some shots of the walk across Scott Carpenter Park that morning:

Bike path through Scott Carpenter behind the sledding hill. There were a few kids out sledding! :)

More snowy bike path!

It is now sunny and crisp out, with some high clouds. This weekend we will be hitting the low 70's! Quite the switch. Colorado has some serious weather! You know what they say, "If you don't like the weather in Colorado, wait 5 minutes!"

Well, I'm off to contact my landlord to get the heat fixed. We just can't manage to keep the pilot light lit, and if this crazy weather keeps up, we will definitely need the heat. Especially since Erik is recover from a very sudden but brief onset of pneumonia. He is doing much better now and is on antibiotics, but he was really sick for a couple days. His midterms and this crazy weather must have lowered his immune system. I'm glad he is better though. So stay warm and stay healthy everyone!


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