Monday, January 25, 2010

Before pictures for P90X.... have not been taken yet....

I said I would try to post before pictures on here for P90X, and I have failed. :/ Sorry! You see, my camera is in my hiking backpack, which is in the trunk of the car, that is parked kind of far away and it's really cold out and, and..... I am full of excuses. I am still sticking with the program though, and I finished my first week! that is what's important! I do still plan to take a picture. Tomorrow I am off work, so that would be an opportune time.

I did the Kenpo workout the other day, and that is far and away my favorite disc! I have done a fair amount of kickboxing in my time, and it is always a fun cardio workout. Doing the Kenpo disc made me want to take a kickboxing class again, or buy a heavy bag! Shadow boxing is all well and good, but nothing is as satisfying as that loud thwack you get when you connect with a pad or bag with a strong kick. My ideal home gym definitely includes a heavy bag!

Today was Core synergistics, and it's a great core workout! When they say core, they really mean your entire core, not just abs. The core is what holds everything in, and keeps your back strong. A strong core also helps prevent injury. Some of the moves are quite awkward for me, but I am sure they will become easier with time as I continue the program! That is definitely the theme for the first week. Just stick with it and I'll get better and more fluid!

Look forward to a before picture and some point, and keep checking back for more updates and reviews about P90X and my progress.


  1. Keep at it, I just started p90x a few weeks ago and its interesting and motivating to see someone doing the lean version starting at near the same time as me. Good work!

  2. Yeah, it's cool to be on the same general schedule as others. We can talk about all the soreness! I actually missed Cardio X yesterday, so I will do it today and continue the schedule. How do you like it so far? Good luck!

  3. The legs and back workout still gets me and I've done it for 6 months now. I am always sore for a day or two but I guess that's a good thing. Are you a Beachbody Coach? I don't see anywhere on your site saying you are. To learn more go to You get discounts on the products and can even earn some money. I like doing it as it keeps me accountable to working out. Feel free to contact me about it. Stick with P90X. I went from doing 2 total pull ups with legs and back to 82 at the end of 90 days. Bring it!

  4. Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.............................................